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Give Your Parents the Compassionate Companion Care They Need from McCandless, PA

Depression and loneliness can be a serious problem among the elderly because of the medical conditions and special needs that come with aging. As one of the leading home care providers in McCandless, PA, Comfort Keepers is prepared to give your mom or dad companion care that they’ll enjoy and will meet their needs.

What is Companion Care?

Comfort Keepers’ companion care focuses on providing your senior loved ones the opportunity to socialize in a safe and familiar environment. After a consultation with our caregivers, Comfort Keepers will match your mom, dad, or other senior loved one with the right in home caregiver who can provide them a healthy mix of independence and companionship within the comfort of their own home.

This kind of arrangement makes sure that the care we provide is tailor fit to suit your parent’s or grandparent’s needs. This will cover very specific needs such as:

  • Medication – making sure that all medicines are taken on time.
  • Meal preparation – all meals are made according to every client’s dietary needs.
  • Personal hobbies and interests – your loved ones will get to do what they enjoy the most.
  • Chores and errands – we’ll make sure the house is kept nice and tidy and that they have everything they need at home.


Keep Mom and Dad Engaged with In Home Care

The most important part of companion care is the meaningful interaction and socialization your elderly loved ones get from a trained professional through conversations, games, and even physical exercises. This keeps them alert and in-shape, preventing any medical complications that they might otherwise experience. They’ll also be kept entertained by our companions, which will make them happy overall, preventing any unwanted depression or anxiety that’s common among the elderly.

Should they feel like going out, whether it’s for shopping or to visit friends to socialize, Comfort Keepers offers transportation services so they can go where they want to be at any time. This is also useful for necessary visits like medical visits and maybe even the regular visit to the salon. We’ll make sure that they can get to anywhere around McCandless, PA safely and on time.

Want to know more about Comfort Keeper’s companion care? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line! We’ll be more than happy to assist you in getting your mom or dad the perfect companion for them.


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