Dementia Care in McCandless, PA

Specialized dementia care for seniors needing dementia services.

Dementia is a progressive disease that takes away the mental function of seniors. Currently, as dementia does not have a proven cure, it affects millions of loved one’s across the world, with more being diagnosed each passing day. The symptoms a person with dementia can undergo include the inability to problem solve, concentrate or remember familiar people or places. One's mood and personality will also likely change as a result of this disease. As the disease progresses, most seniors with dementia will require some degree of professional dementia care. 

Dementia Care in McCandless, PA

If your senior is currently in the early stages of dementia, as diagnosed by a doctor, they typically are attending to their own care needs or have friends or family frequently checking in on them and assisting them when necessary. As the disease progresses though, working its way into the mid-stages of the disease, the disease becomes more outwardly apparent. At this point one may require more regular support and care. Seniors with early-stage Alzheimer's can typically provide most of their own care. But, as the stages progress into mid-stage Alzheimer's, seniors start to encounter significant confusion, poor short-term memory and more. Finally, as the disease has progressed towards the final stages, the senior may be overcome with significant personality and behavior changes, inability to recognize family and friends, unawareness of previously familiar surroundings and more. During this stage, professional dementia care is highly recommended.

You may be asking, "Can professional dementia caregivers truly provide better care for my loved one?". At Comfort Keepers, we understand that no two dementia clients are the same as no two seniors experience dementia in the same way. That being said, we treat each client individually. We create care plans tailored to their specific care and support needs and continue to mold the plan as the senior's health changes. Our caregivers are trained and have worked with many dementia clients, having a great amount of experience as well as undergoing rigorous training to best understand the disease and its many stages, forms and challenges. In addition, another reason that professional dementia services are highly recommended is that caring for a loved one who is progressing through the disease can become too hard to face. A family caregiver can undergo significant physical and emotional demands providing care on their own and find themselves unable to spend meaningful time with their loved one.

Whether your loved one has been recently diagnosed or is in the final stages of the disease, our dementia care specialists can be there to provide the care and support your loved one needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our dementia services could help your loved one today.


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