Home Care Assistance & End of Life Care in Moon, PA

Learn How Home Care Assistance Can Help Your Senior Loved Ones in Moon, PA

End of life care is intended to help an elderly individual make the most life in his or her senior years. This usually comes in the form of home care assistance because it is needed after the elderly is diagnosed with a condition and would need a specific care regimen. People who reach their senior years are often faced with illnesses that they can’t cope with on their own, such as cancer or other progressive disease. End of life care isn’t really intended to cure the patient as it is to help make him or her live a comfortable life despite any medical condition.

Being primarily intended for comfort, end of life home care assistance is geared towards a holistic kind of comfort, one that targets the social, cognitive, emotional, and even spiritual well-being. All this is done with the help of an entire team of professionals specializing in certain fields of care like doctors, nurses, therapists and even clergy.

What You Can Expect From Home Care Assistance & End of Life Care

Above all things, end of life care is all about pain management. Those who are in their seniors years are expected to experience some kind of physical discomfort and that usually gets in the way of their normal living. Some conditions like cognitive impairment, dementia, Alzheimer’s and others that make communication difficult pose an additional challenge as well. What in home care assistance does is to help maintain that communication in order to maximize the effects of pain management.

Another important part of end of life care is the use of opioid, which is usually meant to help remedy severe amounts of pain. This, however, has  its side effects so it must be used cautiously. Otherwise, the senior might experience low levels of consciousness, diminished alertness, and even lucidity. Some states also have regulations on the use of opioids for the same reasons. When seniors stay at home, they might not have the chance to be able to deal with these discomforts due to lack of access. Fortunately, the Comfort Keepers of Moon, PA can help.

Ultimately, end of life care is meant to help your loved one make the most of the remaining years of their lives. We believe that it is better for your loved one to be at home, close to family and friends, and we can make it possible with the help of home care assistance.


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