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Recent surveys indicate that the majority of American seniors are more afraid of moving into a nursing home and losing their independence and freedom than they are of dying. In fact, well over 90 percent of seniors surveyed said they wanted to remain in their own home and age in place, even if it meant facing obstacles and hardships. The good news is that with Comfort Keepers non medical home care, seniors can maintain their freedom and independence, age in place, and do so with the support and services it takes to overcome any obstacles and hardships, thus also increasing their quality of life and allowing them to age with dignity.

Moon, PA Non Medical Home Care

For the vast majority of seniors, the home environment is comfortable, convenient, and personalized. Remaining at home reduces stress and anxiety by providing a familiar environment; avoiding restrictive rules, regulations, and schedules found in assisted living communities or nursing homes; and allowing the senior to receive personalized, one-on-one non medical home care and support. It's no wonder that researchers have proven time and again that seniors recovering from at home from an illness or injury do so more rapidly, and hospital readmissions are significantly decreased as well.

One of the many advantages of our care services is the safety of a senior's home. Home care providers may need to suggest some modifications to best use the physical space of the home, decrease fall risks, and maximize a senior's ability to interact independently with their environment. 

Comfort Keepers in home caregivers are not just trained to support seniors, they are trained to work with seniors to improve their overall quality of life. This means interacting with them on a social, emotional, and cognitive level; sharing tips that make self-care easier and more manageable; and helping with modern technology. After all, seniors may have been born before computers, but they live in a wired, cloud-equipped, 21st-century world. No longer is there a reason for seniors to be cut-off from family and friends, even if they are home-bound or bedridden. In addition to traditional communication devices, Comfort Keepers offers technology specifically designed for seniors. Technology support is also available to address medication management issues; monitoring of seniors with dementia, Alzheimer's, or another condition that may lead to unsafe wandering; and emergency response or safety alerts for seniors who have a high risk of falling.

In short, there are numerous reasons a senior may want to avail themselves of Comfort Keepers non medical home care support. Yet, when it comes right down to it, most seniors simply want to live an independent, high-quality life complete with freedom and dignity. 

Comfort Keepers offers top-rated home care to seniors needing assistance in:

Aliquippa, Avalon, Beaver Falls, Bellevue, Butler, Crafton, Cranberry Township, Dormont, Gibsonia, Glenshaw, Green Tree, McCandless, Moon, Pittsburgh, Robinson Township, Ross Township, Sewickley, Shaler, Sheraden, Warrendale, West View and Wexford, PA


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